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The Lithgow Council voted FOR the Fluoridation of the Lithgow Water Supply 19th November 2007. Read More ...
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Back in 1991 when I was an elected Councillor on Lithgow City Council, the NSW Department of Health was trying to convince us that fluoride was beneficial in stopping dental caries. The existing Council debated the issue for months. We were given lots of statistics. We were not given any information on the possible side effects of fluoridation. I could however remember my Doctor telling me that there was no proven evidence that taking fluoride tablets or fluoridation was of any benefit when I was pregnant. In fact it was mentioned that there had been severe cases of fluoride overdose in India.

I was not convinced so I started to do my own research.

I also had another compelling motive for this at the time. My son was diagnosed some years earlier as being hyper-allergenic (tests revealed he was allergic to more than 200 substances). He was literally allergic to just about everything, food, drinks, grass, insects, pollens, dust and all sorts of chemicals. An allergic attack would come on in a matter of minutes. In this couple of minutes, first his eyes would swell shut, the whites of his eyes would swell around the iris, and his eyelids would fill with fluid. Then his tongue and throat would swell. This was followed by difficulty in breathing. The only thing we could do is get him to hospital as soon as possible for a shot of cortisone and adrenalin. It would then take him a couple of hours to recover.

This experience changed my family. We had to completely change our diet, evaluate all chemicals used in the house. Everything we bought had to be double checked to make sure there was not a substance that he was allergic to. This included shampoo, soap, toothpaste, washing detergent. Our carpet had to be shampooed once a week with Allerite. Mattresses and pillows were vacuumed and treated once a week. Clothes were dried in the sun, then put through the dryer with an Allerite socked cloth and then ironed. We cut out as much processed food as possible. All fruits and vegetables were thoroughly scrubbed in case they had been sprayed with pesticides. Most preprocessed drinks and sweets, biscuits, cereals and bread which contained oats or rye were cut out of our diet. There could be no artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings in anything we purchased. We boiled our drinking water.

When I started researching the effects of fluoridation in 1991, I been told by various concerned Lithgow residents that there were a number of articles on the toxic effects. What I did not realize was just how many; there were literally hundreds of articles. Most of the information had to be sourced from Libraries, Health Journals, old Newspapers etc... (We did not have the Internet back then).

Now with the Internet, researching Fluoridation is not as complicated; there are 1000s of articles on the toxic effects on the body. The most disturbing aspect is how we can allow our politicians to brain wash us into thinking that fluoride is good for us. If there are so may articles on the toxic side effects, especially dental fluorosis how can this be good for us?

I believe that it should be our individual right to determine what we consume and that no medication or chemical should be forced on us in undetermined doses. The trouble with fluoride being added to our water supply is that there is no way of controlling the dosage. The person, who drinks litres of water a day, will have a higher dose than someone who only has a glass. Then add this to drinks, vegetables, cereals, sweets, medications and other chemicals eg: fertilizers and pesticides that contain fluoride. I did not realize just how many processed drinks, cereals, sweets, medications contain fluoride. This is an interesting article: The Fluoride Glut: Sources of Fluoride Exposure

We are already a chemically overloaded society. Everywhere we go we have to watch the air we breathe, where we swim, what we eat. It should be our right to have a clean, non-polluted, non-toxic water supply. After all we are paying for it and the Politicians who make the decisions for our so called wellbeing.

I have compiled a series of links to articles on the Internet which will make it easier for you to research.

You are free to make up your own mind. There is plently of non-scientific researched propaganda out there trying to tell us that fluoride is supposed to be good for us.

I myself, prefer to believe the thousands's of Scientists from around the world that have researched the negative effects of fluoride on other parts of the body besides teeth. FAN's Professionals Statement to End Water Fluoridation has been signed by over 4,000 medical, dental, scientific, and environmental professionals.:



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