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The Lithgow Council voted FOR the Fluoridation of the Lithgow Water Supply 19th November 2007. Read More ...
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The Lithgow Council is likely to decide on whether to fluoridate Lithgow's Water Supply on Monday night. Listed on the Lithgow Council Meeting Agenda is ITEM 3: Report of the General Manager WATER FLUORIDATION. The General Manager's Conclusion and recommendation is below.


Determining the Council’s position on water fluoridation is a matter for the elected Council given the public interest considerations.

The options seen as open to Council are:

1. Proceed with water fluoridation and request the installation of the necessary infrastructure. (NB: This option would require a budget adjustment if it was to occur in the current financial year as there is currently no allocation for running costs and discussions with State Water/Fish River Water Supply as to the appropriate location of any plant to cater for consumers utilising this water supply would be necessary)

2. Not proceed with fluoridation.

3. Refer the matter to the Director General of Health.

The recommendation is:

THAT Council determine its position on fluoridation of its water supply.

Download a copy of the Lithgow City Council Agenda for Monday 19th November 2007.

My Comments on the Conclusion above:


1. Water Fluoridation has not been budgeted for this financial year and will require a Budget adjustment and no doubt an increase in your rates for 2008/2009.

If this option is taken it will have been determined with very little public consultation, based on a questionable survey undertaken on 300 selected residents and a poorly advertised Public Meeting.

It will be taken with little research on the adverse affects that fluoride has on other parts of the body besides teeth. Without any research or evidence from NSW Health on adverse affects on the body supplied to either the residents of Lithgow or the Councillors.

It will be taken on the advice of a Health Department that threatens to cut funding from Health services in Lithgow if we do not accept fluoridation of the drinking water.

A Health Department that is willing to manipulate a poll by deliberately increasing the yes vote in a private poll leading up to the Public Meeting last Monday.

2. Not to proceed with fluoridation. This should be the case until significant research has been undertaken by NSW Health on the long term affects that fluoride has on the body.

No Fluoridation should take place untill the Residents of Lithgow democratically decide either for or against in a Referendum to be held at the same time as the next Council Elections to save costs.

3. To refer the matter to the Director General of Health, will in my opinion be the gutless decision of Councillors, so as to wipe their hands of the decision. History has shown that The NSW Health will fluoridate the drinking water whether residents want it or not and that decision will not be reversed eg. Tenterfield.

Council will have failed in its duty of care for the well being of its residents.

If you wish to ask a question from the Public Gallery of the Council Meeting on Monday night, you must have your questions with a request delivered to the Council Administration building before 12 noon on Monday 19th November 2007.

Download a copy of the Lithgow City Council Agenda for Monday 19th November 2007.

Debra Morris


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