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The Lithgow Council voted FOR the Fluoridation of the Lithgow Water Supply 19th November 2007. Read More ...
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ABC News

- By Candice Wyatt - Updated Tue Feb 23, 2010 3:09pm AEDT

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) says fluoride from Alcoa's aluminium smelter at Portland is making kangaroos sick.

The EPA's Bruce Dawson says the fluoride is being absorbed by the nearby vegetation which is then being eaten by the kangaroos.

He says the fluoride poisons the kangaroos and makes lesions grow on their bones, which renders them lame.

"Once kangaroos have restricted movement [it] has a significant impact on their welfare. So this is something that needs to be managed and avoided."

He says there is not a lot of information around about the impact of fluoride on kangaroos.

The problem is more common in cattle.

"There was a lot of research done in the 60s and 70s in the United States but this really has just started to emerge in terms of the impacts on kangaroos."


Photo: Fluoride from a nearby alumininum smelter is making Portland kangaroos ill. (ABC Local : Margaret Burin )

See Video below ...

Alex Jones Tv: Kangaroos Poisoned by Fluoride

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Brisbane given Fluoride overdose on May 2

Article from: The Courier Mail

Patrick Lion and Peter Michael

May 16, 2009 12:00am


THE Bligh Government's handling of the fluoride overdose was in disarray last night after it admitted it got the date wrong about when the bungle occurred.

The Government has admitted residents should have been told they may have drunk water with 20 times the allowable amount of fluoride on May 2 - not May 1 as Premier Anna Bligh said on Thursday.

The blunder is a major embarrassment for the Government, already defending the two-week delay in testing that preceeded this week's health notification to residents on Brisbane's northside.

The Premier was unavailable last night but SEQ Water Grid Manager director Nicole Davis confirmed the water entered supplies in the Brendale and Warner areas on May 2 for three hours between 9am and midday.

It means the water flowed on the Saturday morning putting many more residents at risk.

Read more: Brisbane given Fluoride overdose on May 2

Media Release: 14th May 2009        Queenslanders For Safe Water Air and Food Inc


Premier Bligh  today  announced an accident at the North Pine Dam Water treatment plant  on May 1st when water massively overdosed with Sodium Silicofluoride was released into the public water supply.

About 4,000 homes are  believed to have received water containing 30mg/l fluoride. This level is nearly 40 times higher than the 0.8 mg/L  Qld Health advised in Nov 2008 was to be the level for water supplies in SE Qld.

Water with 30 mg/L fluoride ion is equivalent to 120 fluoride tablets per litre of water, or 30 fluoride tablets per  250 ml glass, yet the Premier has denied that there was a health risk.


It seems to me that the Councillors who voted for fluoridation, did so based on a questionable Survey taken on 300 people, a questionable presentation given by NSW Health and had already made up their mind before the Public Meeting. A Public Meeting that was very poorly advertised. There has been no real effort to gain the opinion of the residents of the Lithgow Council Area.

The amendment moved by Cr. Martin Ticehurst that the decision be deferred until a Poll be conducted at the 2008 Council Elections failed to get a seconder. This shows that NO Councillors except Cr. Martin Ticehurst were willing to give the Lithgow residents a democratic say for or against the Fluoridation of Lithgow water. Remember this at the 2008 Council Elections.

Read more: No Democratic Process for Lithgow Residents

The Lithgow Council voted FOR the Fluoridation of the Lithgow Water Supply tonight.

The vote was 5 for and 3 against, Councillor McAndrew was absent.

The motion (Item 1 (below) of the General Manager's Conclusion in the report to Council ) was moved by Cr Barbara Moran and seconded by Cr Brian Morrissey.
1. Proceed with water fluoridation and request the installation of the necessary infrastructure. (NB: This option would require a budget adjustment if it was to occur in the current financial year as there is currently no allocation for running costs and discussions with State Water/Fish River Water Supply as to the appropriate location of any plant to cater for consumers utilising this water supply would be necessary)
An amendment was moved by Cr. Martin Ticehurst that the decision be deferred until a Poll be conducted at the 2008 Council Elections. This amendment failed to get a seconder.

The following Councillors voted FOR fluoridation:
Cr Barbara Moran
Cr Margaret Collins
Cr Ann Thompson
Cr Brian Morrissey
Mayor Cr Neville Castle

The Councillors who voted AGAINST fluoridation were:
Cr Howard Fisher
Cr Michael Wilson
Cr Martin Ticehurst

Read more: Lithgow Council votes to Fluoridate Lithgow


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