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The Lithgow Council voted FOR the Fluoridation of the Lithgow Water Supply 19th November 2007. Read More ...
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This video details the criminal fraud that is water fluoridation. Truly, you are being poisoned and told the poison is good for you.

95% of the world has either rejected or banned water fluoridation -- after studying it's effects. Quite an easy way to rebuff any idiot who attempts to defend it.

The Chinese conducted a study on fluoride's impact on the IQ of children, and found that it significantly impacts intelligence.

They rejected water fluoridation.

The United States government is criminal for this, and they know it. Politicians in D.C. don't drink it, as they have pure, unfluoridated tap water trucked in from springs in Arkansas and elsewhere. (less)


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Should the Lithgow water supply be fluoridated?
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